Memberships are offered in two main categories plus a Community Network and Ally Network designation and enjoy common privileges or opportunities, including leadership, professional development, resources and discounts.

Collaborative Partners

The Collaborative Partner membership involves significant institutional participation in the leadership of the coalition as well as potential shared resources. To become a Collaborative Partner, an agency must strictly adhear to shared values, primarily serve victims of trafficking and CSE, and have full agency leadership buy in.

Coalition Members

A Coalition Member is an organizational membership and involves periodic participation from one decision maker at an institution while up to 2 other employees of that institution are involved in regular Coalition activities. To become a Coalition Member, an agency must be interested in participating in anti-exploitation & trafficking interventions, agree and commit to CATE’s mission & key principles, share some values, and have agency leadership buy-in.

Community Network

Regardless of position or industry, individuals working to end exploitation and trafficking can participate in CATE to boost their skills and knowledge and contribute to the community’s success to end exploiation. Our Community Network is made up of individuals and groups who are interested in participating in the larger anti-trafficking movement, who share little mission and/or core values, but also commit to CATE’s mission and key principles.

Ally Network

Human Trafficking & Exploitation intersects with other social justice concerns, including sexual violence, domestic violence, substance use, etc. and stem from shared social and systemic causes. True collective Impact occurs only when we are willing to work together. Our Ally Network is made up of coalitions and community groups from differing sectors working together and supporting each other on intersecting social problems.

Become a Member

Membership applications are currently closed. Please check back this fall for your opportunity to join CATE.