Membership is offered in four main categories: Collaborative Partners, Coalition Members, Multi-Disciplinary Team Ally, and Community Network. See below for a description of each category. Talk to CATE staff if you are unsure about which membership type will work for you.  

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Collaborative Partners

Collaborative Partners (CP) are the leadership and governance of CATE. CP membership involves significant institutional participation and reporting. To become a CP, an agency must be an active 501c3 organization, have human trafficking a primary mission focus, and uphold a shared set of values and standards.

Application info here.

Coalition Members

Coalition Members (CM) are voting members of the coalition. Organizations or individuals who provide direct services to populations that intersect with survivors of trafficking or exploitation are eligible for CM membership. To become a CM, an agency must be an active 501c3 organization or a licensed therapist with a private practice, ability to participate in CATE regional meetings & activities, uphold CATE’s mission & minimum standards, and have agency decision-maker buy-in.

Application info here.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Ally

Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Ally are governmental organizations and public entities operating under the authority of the state, county, or municipal governing bodies that intersect with survivors of trafficking or exploitation. To become a MDT Ally, an organization or public entity must uphold the CATE mission and minimum standards.

Application info here.

Community Network

Community Network (CN) members are non-voting organizations or individuals from any sector who are interested in participating in the larger anti-trafficking movement. To become a CN member, the organization or individual must uphold the CATE mission and minimum standards. 

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Become a CATE Supporter 

Are you a private business seeking to support the anti-trafficking movement? Contact us to know how you can be a supporter of CATE through sponsorship, donations, or in-kind services. 

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