Missouri Resource Guide

A comprehensive list of social service agencies located in Missouri, greater Kansas City area and metro St. Louis. This directory includes needed legal and social services identified by human trafficking survivors and CATE members. We hope social service providers, justice system officials, healthcare providers, practitioners, and other community members utilize the guide to assist human trafficking survivors and others in need of supportive services. 

            1. Shelters (adult)                                      2. Shelters/residential homes (youth)
            3. Legal services                                        4. Language access/translation services
            5. Drop-in centers                                      6. 24-hour hotlines, including crisis lines
            7. Counseling and therapy                       8. Substance use/addiction services
            9. Employment services                          10. Food pantries
            11. HT education/ training options        12. HT prevention information

This resource contains approximately 2,000 resources. When using the following search tools to narrow down the options, the map will dynamically change and show the results from your search.

  • Click on the “Filter Options” button and select one or more of the following:
    • Missouri Service Regions
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  • Search by full or partial agency name
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  • Search by Zip code, address, or county

When a resource option is located, click on either the agency name in the left column or the small blue points on the map. The agency card will display with the following information:

  • Address
  • Primary Business/Office Phone
  • Hotline/Crises Line
  • Website
  • States Served
  • Service Regions
  • Counties Served
  • Click on the home option to view the full state
  • Click on + to zoom in and – to zoom out
  • Click on the circles to search that specific location:
    • Green circles: area has 2 – 9 resources
    • Blue circles: area has 10 – 99 resources
    • Purple circles: area has more than 100 resources

Did we miss you? Is something incorrect or does something need updating? We need your help! The ongoing quality of this guide depends on the community. The creators of the guides strived for accuracy in this the guides, however, if we missed you, and your organization would like to be part of the resource guide(s), or if you have information to add or change about a listing, please fill out our form to submit any changes.  

Our Missouri Resource Guide has badges marking organizations who are members of CATE. If you find a resource marked as a Collaborative Partner, Coalition Member, Community Network, or MDT Ally you know that organization has signed on to CATE’s mission, vision, and values.

Disclaimer: CATE cannot specifically endorse or validate organizations listed in the resource guide. Names, contact information and description of services are being provided for ease of identifying potential resources. If you are aware of an organization that should not be included, has closed, or requires a change in the guide, please fill out our form by clicking on the button to the right.

  Acknowledgements: Special thanks to the creators of these guides, most of whom are social workers with full time jobs working in the field: Heidi Volkl, Clementine Obama, Lauren Peffley, Kourtney Gilbert, Ellen Reed, Emi Wyland, Stephanie Hudson, Megan Owens, Eryn Carter, Hannah Langsam and Andrea Nichols. Thanks to MCAHT for funding the development of these guides, and the Gephardt Institute for supporting a prior iteration of the St. Louis Metro guide. Thanks to the Missouri Foundation for Health for funding the dynamic upgrade to the Missouri Resource Guide as well as the MU Extension faculty and individuals/organizations that reviewed and provided feedback. Thanks to CATE for providing feedback, updating, maintaining, and housing the guide.