Standards of Care Wave 1 Peer Review

The Missouri Coalition Against Trafficking and Exploitation (CATE) Standards of Care Workgroup has developed the Missouri Standards of Care (SOC): Guiding Principles for Agencies Serving Survivors of Human Trafficking Wave One (1).  Per the request of service providers and leadership statewide, the workgroup constructed this general best practice guide to inform services while minimizing harm. This document is for new organizations, established organizations, and those interested in serving survivors of human  trafficking. The workgroup relied heavily on the “Guiding Principles for Agencies Serving Survivors of Human Trafficking,” created by the Administration for Children and Families Region 4 Southeast Regional Human Trafficking Advisory Group. The workgroup also utilized additional resources, best practice recommendations, and guidance from leaders (including survivors) to develop this guide.

Following the release of the SOC Wave 1, the workgroup will develop: 

Wave Two– Identify the best protocols/policies of organizations serving survivors of human trafficking.

Wave Three – Identify specific best interventions/practices within the anti-human trafficking movement.