Human Trafficking in Missouri Project

The “Strategic Plan to Address Human Trafficking in Missouri and Metro East St. Louis: Resource Development, Needs Assessment and Innovative Solutions” was a three year research project funded by the Missouri Collaborative Against Human Trafficking (MCAHT). The aim of the project was threefold:

  1. To develop a statewide (and Metro East St. Louis) human trafficking resource guide to be used by those in the social service, healthcare and justice system sectors for referral information about resources to assist human trafficking survivors,
  2. To develop and conduct a statewide needs assessment, and to gather prevalence and demographic data,
  3. To provide strategic plans to address the top-identified needs in the state and by region.
You can view the Executive Summary here: Executive Summary

Wave 1: Resource Guide

About the Guide: This guide is a comprehensive Missouri and Metro East St. Louis human trafficking resource guide to be used by social service providers, justice system officials, healthcare providers, and other practitioners for referral information about social and legal services to assist human trafficking survivors.  Currently, the guide is searchable by county. Eventually, we hope to have the guide in a more accessible and easy to use format.

View the Guide Here: Missouri Resource Guide 

Wave 2: Needs Assessment

About the Report: The “Human Trafficking in Missouri and Metro East St. Louis: Provider Based Needs Assessment and Demographic Snapshot,” by Andrea Nichols, Kathleen Preble, and Ashley Cox provides the results from a needs assessment of services used by human trafficking survivors in Missouri,  statewide, by region, and  in the Metro East St. Louis Illinois area, and also includes a demographic snapshot to provide insights into human trafficking from the perspective of those working with human trafficking survivors in the social, legal, and healthcare service sectors. 

View the Report Here: Needs Assessment Report

Wave 3: Strategic Plan

About the Report: This report intends to be a tangible, useful document with detailed recommendations to address the top three identified needs for Missouri/Metro East St. Louis area uncovered in the Wave Two needs assessment report. Additionally, the report will address overarching, evidenced-based recommendations for particular regions to respond to identified gaps and needs, facilitate sustainable solutions, and contribute to knowledge and evidence building in the field of human trafficking.

View the Report Here: Strategic Plan