Community Network Application

As a member, you are guaranteed the following benefits:

  • Strengthened collaboration and networking across the state
  • Access to the CATE database where you can register for trainings, submit data, and access resources and data
  • Free access to CATE’s technical assistance and trainings
  • Your program’s listing in the membership directory
  • Receipt of CATE’s e-newsletter, “#IntheKNOW,” and emails with important information from the community
  • An ongoing voice in CATE’s statewide advocacy efforts
  • Increased program effectiveness as part of CATE’s collaborative efforts

As a member, you are expected to:

  • Be committed to CATE mission
  • Be committed to seeking best practices
  • Be committed to transparent collaboration
  • Participate as needed in Regional Meetings, Statewide Meetings and projects
  • Engage both decision-making staff and direct service providers from the organization (for organizational membership)

Fees: Currently, CATE membership is free to any eligible individual or organization. CATE reserves the right to instate a membership fee at a later date. If and when a fee is deemed necessary, membership will receive proper notice.

Renewal: Membership must be renewed once per year on March 1st. Applications will be updated at this time to ensure CATE has current information. If any major program changes are made during the current application year, membership should inform CATE staff.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact:

[email protected]


  • This application is for individuals and organizations applying to be a Community Network Member. If you wish to apply for a different membership type, you will need an alternate application.
  • You must contact [email protected]  to receive an Application ID number to complete the application.
  • Sections cannot be saved. You can come back and complete the application at any time using this link, but individual sections have to be completed in one sitting to submit. You will not be able to submit until all required fields are filled. 
  • Once all sections are submitted, the application is complete and you will receive an email from the Membership Coordinator about your application status within a week.  

Please complete and submit all parts of the application:

Memorandum of Agreement

Have a question?

If you are interested in getting involved with CATE, have any questions about what we do or want to help connect a victim with the proper services, complete the form below. CATE is not a 24 hour service provider, please allow time to respond during normal business hours.