COVID-19 Resources

We will be updating this list daily or as we come upon new resources. If you have any resources to add or share with the community, email

National Resources 

Comprehensive Resource Lists:

Nonprofit and Service Provider Resources:

Other Resources:  

Human Trafficking Specific 

  • RESPONDING TO COVID-19 INFO FOR GNO SERVICE PROVIDERS: This is a comprehensive resource guide from the Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force. A lot of the resources focus on New Orleans, but it also provides broader resources and some trafficking specific information. 
  • From what we have seen, there are limited resources that specifically discuss the impact the pandemic will have on trafficking survivors and service providers. If you find any, please share. While there are still a plethora of related resources that will support our continued work, if you are experiencing a specific need, reach out to the Coalition and we will do our best to connect you with the resources you need. 

Missouri Specific 

City Specific

St. Louis Resource Lists:

Kansas City Resource Lists:

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