What Would It Take? Fall 2020 Videos

Below you can find recordings from our youth-focused conference series to learn more about strategies to better support survivors of trafficking and exploitation. 

Session 1 – More Than Meets the Eye with Russ Tuttle – Watch Here 

     Description: Technology is not the enemy. But the reality is that our kids’ vulnerabilities can and are being exploited online. The worst-case scenarios have led to the crime of domestic minor sex trafficking. This presentation is designed to impact your personal and professional life. An appropriate image and three words have the power to change your perspective. Together we will become increasingly educated and empowered for the sake of students we care about.

Session 2 – Safe Street Outreach Practices with Steffeny Feld – Watch Here 

     Description: Youth on the street are at significant risk for suicide, trafficking, survival sex, and exploitation.  Youth don’t typically run away from stable home environments.  They are fleeing experiences of abuse, neglect, and other traumatic experiences.  As with any teen, it’s best to meet youth where they are.  This workshop will focus on strategies for street outreach to increase youth safety as well as maintain the safety of staff and volunteers.  Street Outreach is exciting, rewarding, and often filled with elements of the unexpected. Youth In Need’s Street Outreach Program has been in operation for more than 25 years. Whether you are a seasoned street outreach worker or considering outreach for the first time, come join the conversation about how to outreach safely and effectively. 

Session 3 – How to Respond and Assist in the Recovery Process – Watch Here 

     Description: This training focuses on practical skills to build relationships with youth. Providing healing for survivors of complex
trauma requires a multiple disciplinary team. Everyone’s role is important and helps with boundaries. If we are all playing in our
assigned positions, youth being served will not fall through the cracks. Our role as a therapeutic helper comes from a place of caring
however, each individual role serves a specific purpose. Validation and getting the client to the person who is qualified to handle the
situation is key. While also gaining an understanding of the role of relationship in correlation with trauma sensitive programming and
how to respond appropriately as the therapeutic helper.

Session 4 – Effective Response Strategies: Trafficked Youth in a Criminal Justice Setting – Watch Here

    Description: This presentation will provide advocates (and those responding to CSE) with practical tools and strategies for utilization when responding to youth identified in sex trafficking investigations. This will include information on how to effectively advocate for and support youth as they progress through the criminal justice system. We will cover advocacy during the identification phase, interviews, adjudication and crisis intervention through follow-up support services. We will also highlight rapport building and creative ways to integrate crisis intervention services with non-therapeutic psycho-education while still maintaining a strengths based approach. We will discuss challenges as well as opportunities, when walking with trafficked youth through the criminal justice system at a time where there is heightened focus on community and police interactions.

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